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Siemens Moore 73N-B Valve Positioner. Built-in Valve Positioner | Bottom Loading Simple Type: Valve Positioner

The Model 73N-B is a bottom loading, built-in Valve Positioner which is mounted directly on the topworks of a valve. It is used on springless actuators that require a cushion load in the top of the actuator. The Model 73N-B1 is an optional configuration of the Model 73N-B. It is used on actuators that have an actuator range spring on top of the diaphragm or piston. The positioner is capable of utilizing the full force of its air supply to drive the actuator to a position called for by the control instrument. A single-axis force-balance principle of operation is incorporated in the positioner to insure accurate and stable positioning of a control valve. This makes it suitable for flow, temperature, pressure and numerous other control systems. Choose a calibrated range spring for the wide selection offered to accommodate almost any combination of valve stroke (1/4" to 4") and instrument span (2 to 24 PSIG).

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  • Bottom Loading
  • Built-in Valve Positioner


  • Air Consumption: 0 6 SCFM (in balance condition with 20 psi supply and 9 psi dead ended output)
  • Ambient Temperature Limits: -40°C to +82°C (-40°F to +180°F)
  • Instrument Input Pressure Range: 3-15, 3-9, 9-15, and 3-27 psi
  • Instrument Input Pressure, Maximum: 15 psi for instrument input pressure spans of 12 psi or less and 27 psi
  • Response Level: 0 25% of scale (Output sensitivity to input pressure changes)
  • Supply Pressure: Minimum: 3 psi above required actuator pressure. Maximum :100 psi
  • Valve Travel: Minimum : 1/4". Maximum :4"



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